Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting Busy

It was a busy day today. I took the day off work in order to run around town and get some house project errands done. There are so many showrooms that have limited hours, with no hours on weekends or nights, that I decided the only way to get there was to take the entire day off. Up until now, I had been relying on the internet to do the majority of product selections. That can only get you so far, before you have to meet with live people and see live samples.

We met with Electrical Visions Inc. (lighting supplier), stopped by Industrial and Lappin Lighting, selected tile at the Kate-Lo showroom, went to Capital Granite to look at the CaesarStone countertop colors and a quick trip to Lowes to see their line of refrigerators all before picking the kids up from school at 2:50. Not a bad day’s work.

The masonry/concrete subcontractor was also busy today. We stopped by a noon and they were cruising on the block work.

This view above makes the addition look pretty small. We had to check the plans to assure ourselves that what we're doing is big enough. It is. It will just be a bit deceiving until the corner of the existing house is opened up.

The big yard doesn't look very big anymore, with all the construction equipment and big pile of dirt.

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