Monday, January 14, 2008

Coloring our World

Have you ever noticed that most architects wear black most of the time? Black is always in style. It’s safe and easy. It’s doesn’t take a lot of effort to coordinate black with black, or black with white, or black with grey. Black, white and grey are the colors of choice in our world. Each day, we are forced to make so many design decisions for others that when it comes to clothing, we just don’t want to be bothered. Plus, if you spill red wine on yourself it won't show too badly.

As we start to select colors for our house, we are once again, leaning towards white, greys and black. It’s not that we like a monochromatic world, it just that we want to be selective in our use of color. And then where we do use color, to make it bold.

One opportunity for some bold moves is in the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of our house, the hub and command central. For our kitchen countertops, we are going with CaesarStone quartz manufactured stone from Capital Granite We are looking for a durable material that will look as beautiful in 20 years as it does now. Quartz composite countertops are one of the more expensive materials, but you are buying durability and ease of maintenance and they never have to be sealed. Although they have colors that look like granite, we’re tired of the granite look and are looking for something more consistent in texture and color.

The majority of the countertops will be this concrete color.

This is the bold color move for either the island or just the bar countertop, depending on how daring we feel. Who doesn’t love a name like “Apple Martini Green”? How does that look when spilled on a black shirt?


Aimee said...

I think that would be so cool on an island, especially with the other counter top color. What kind of cabinets are you planning on?

Kevin & Roxanne said...

We're still debating on cabinetry- but should have more figured out on that in the next couple of weeks. My initial idea was to go with a grey face(sigh...) - but with the countertop selections, I think white would look great. We might even combine white, grey, stainless steel.

Jennifer said...

Ooo... white cabinets would look like Key Lime Pie with that green counter! You could add some tan for crust, and YUMMY! WHat a refreshing color combo!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would have gone with a color scheme more along the lines of, say, maroon and gold, or something like that. Perhaps that's a scheme you can work into another room of this soon-to-be Taj Mahal.