Saturday, May 31, 2008


You can tell our age and priorities in life by the fact that the most exciting part of our Friday night plans was a trip to IKEA. Yep, that’s where we’re at these days.

Our plan is to lay for FLOR carpeting and install closet organizers in both kids bedrooms this weekend. I had spent several nights this week debating and determining the appropriate closet system for both kids’ bedrooms. IKEA has several options, including the Antonius system and Stolmen. We had settled on Antonius primarily based on cost. It’s a simple system compromised of metal wall standards, brackets, hanging rods, shelves and other various accessories. With help from the IKEA website and a pamphlet on the Antonius system parts, I had designed each closet and had a spreadsheet listing all the parts needed. Armed with my spreadsheet, we had a family IKEA outing. Much to my dismay, the wall standards were on backorder. Without these standards, you have nothing- they are the backbone for the system. When I inquired about how long it might be before they receive them, the answer was 8-10 weeks! Holy cow! I’m amazed that IKEA could not have the major component for their most popular shelving system. I guess when you can get a system like this for such a cheap price, you expect everything to always go your way. It’s the whole beggers-can’t-be-choosers thing.

We’re likely going to have to switch to the Stolmen system. This is a much more expensive system that is compromised of floor-to-ceiling poles that have attachments to add on shelving, cabinets, clothes rods and other accessories. To compare the cost to Antonius, the Antonius wall standards are $4 each. The Stolmen poles are $30. It may be a more sturdy system, which is good- but we’ll have to just do with less accessories and shelves for now.
We headed out of IKEA frustrated and empty-handed. It was raining and the sun was shining and we saw the most amazing rainbow we’d ever seen. It was a brilliant, full rainbow with a slight double rainbow that was ending in front of the Mall of America. The kids were enthusiastic about heading over to find the pot of gold. But with our luck, I’m sure someone else found it first

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Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the name of those Ikea Stolmen shelves for 2 hours... I think they discontinued them. Thanks for the post!