Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Going Back Now

We are definitely at the point of no return on this project. I guess we’ve been there awhile, but when I stopped by the house this morning and saw this- it really became absolutely clear to me! It also became clear just how crazy we are to be doing this project….. Craziness has always been seen as a virtue in our household -not in a Running-with-Scissors-kind-of-way, but more of a My-Name-is-Earl kind of crazy. (This could be debatable, but we do love that tv show...)
Yesterday, it seemed like a great idea to remove the upper floor of the house this week. Now, with 3-4 inches of snow on the way tonight, we’re not so sure. But we’ve learned a long time ago to not worry too much about things we have no control over and this might be one of those times. And better snow than rain, right?

The Atomic Waste folks were busy today hauling away multiple dumpsters. Not only do they have a super cool logo, but they also recycle.


Anonymous said...

That is something to see! Leif and I drove past the old house while doing errands in the Village and were wowed by just a spindly little chimney sticking up and truly a 360 degree view through what used to be his room. Hope the snow didn't set things back too far. Joked with Chad that since he always wanted to put in skylights on the 2nd floor he should stop by and see the job you guys did in that department this week. I'm sure all the construction equipment and activity is providing hours of indoor winter entertainment for the kids next door and across the street.

Shannon Skally

Kevin & Roxanne said...

We hope we haven't permanently damaged Leif! As the framing on the 2nd floor is beginning this week, we hope to see it shaping soon.

Kevin & Roxanne said...
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