Thursday, January 28, 2010

TV starzzzz ???

Well at long last our home appeared on Planet Green's "World's Greenest Homes".
It's interesting - the editing choices one must need to make while pulling together a program.
The crew was here filming for 2 solid days and a bit - the result - 4 minutes of air time, a small number of out of context comments, my best lines left on the cutting room floor and very little discussion about many of the very green features of the home. And no mention of EcoDEEP! Oh well. It was a laugh doing it anyway. The film crew were Canadians and they were fun! They are welcome back anytime!

Here's the link to the video play and the Planet Green programming.


Tracee said...

well, they left in the comment about taking a bath in the sink... :-)
- Tracee

Jan said...

Pretty cool Kevin and Roxanne!
They could have said EcoDeep!!
It is all in the editing--

Donna said...

I am sympathetic! When our episode was on they said our some was 5 not three and neglected to mention our solar panels and most of the green features!

Congrats on the show! Your place is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Thanks all -
nice place Donna!

-Kevin and Roxanne

Anonymous said...

Two full days filming for a 4 min on air?.....well, not very sustainable, but I guess that's the world of TV !
Anyway, your house is great! very inspiring for others to follow!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the show and was quite impressed with the feel of your home. My husband and i are rebuilding a home left to rot and was really intrigued by your bedroom floors with the birch plywood. We have been looking for a flooring that is a bit greener but still nice with a bit of art to it. if you could please tell me how you went about this it would be appreciated. They only put a quick view and said very little.

dW said...

Makes it seem as if the two of you don't have names either, sheesh. Roxanne stole all the straight guy lines and left you the jokes, Kevin! House looks fabulous, so happy for you. thanks for posting the link.

John Dwyer said...

Same thing happened to me on the same show. Thanks for the referral, though. Great job on your house.