Monday, April 20, 2009

Awards and the Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour

EcoDEEP HAUS has recently won two design awards - the Home of the Month Design award sponsored by The Minneapolis StarTribune and a RAVE Award, sponsored by AIA Minnesota and Minneapolis St Paul magazine. EcoDEEP HAUS will be featured in each of the publications during the upcoming year. We'll post more when we know more.

Also - the HAUS is part of this years Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour this coming weekend- Aril 25th and 26th. Come have a look at the place if you are able! Learn more about the tour here:

Rumor has it that HGtv will be filming our digs the following week for the World's Greenest Homes series. We'll let you know more about that too!


Anonymous said...

I passed through your amazing home this weekend on the tour, and was curious about the abundance of Ikea signage... especially regarding your recycled glass bathroom vanity, since I know the guys that made it. They're the ones that told me to go check out the EcoDEEP haus to begin with.

Putting a sign in your bathroom telling someone to go to Ikea to get "the same thing" for a fraction of the price is incorrect, ignorant, and mean-spirited.

It's a disservice to the hard work that goes into what they do, and a frustrating discredit to your otherwise admirable and inspiring home.

Kevin & Roxanne said...

First of all, I'm glad you were able to stop by this weekend. We were nearly overwhelmed by about 1000 people coming through the house.

As we've been blogging about our house project and then sharing our home with others, we've had to walk a fine line between blatently promoting products and just sharing information with others. We've also been very careful to not share our frustrations about certain suppliers or contractors with the world- although there have been a few of those experiences. Overall, now that all is done, we're very pleased with our project and the work that was done, certainly the recycled glass terrazzo countertop is beautiful and does get many compliments.

For our home tour, we hung up about 30 signs to give additional information about the project. Some of them had specifics about suppliers and others had just general information for those who wanted to know more. We apologize if not every product or supplier or contractor was given credit on these signs- but that information (and information about Rust Brothers and Natural Built Home)is always available on our blog. Two of those 30 signs mentioned IKEA- the other reference being to some of the freestanding cabinetry we have in the house. I would submit that two signs out of 30 does not constitute an "abundance". Was it wrong to suggest that a cheaper alternative could be found elsewhere? Perhaps, but I don't think so. But part of our story is that our project was generally pretty affordable and we want to share information with other people looking to accomplish work in their own homes. Until now, no mention of IKEA linked to countertops was mentioned in the blog.
I don't feel that the comments on our signage were ignorant, nor were they given in a mean-spirited way. We love our recycled glass countertops. I have clients who found recycled glass countertops at IKEA after I told them to check out Rust Brothers. Their extremely limited budget compelled them to use the product from IKEA rather than other options I had given them. Feel free to call me at my office to discuss this matter further if you like. - Kevin

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