Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New and Improved Photos!

A few weeks ago, we had Scott Gilbertson, architectural photographer extraordinare www.gilbertsonphotography.com, take some photos of the house. Here are just some of the photos:


Gene said...

Looks amazing!

Jan said...

Kevin and Roxanne
A wonderful home!!
Cool cool cool!!!

Anonymous said...

house looks great.

Anonymous said...

The house is absolutely gorgeous. Love the design choices in the interior!

Anonymous said...

A home certainly to be proud of. I was in a similar position several years ago and paused briefly to consider this conceptual direction by removing old roof for more contemporary image. Couldn't justify the cost based on the anticipated market value of completed project though. While I imagine the costs for the active solar apparatus has a respectable payback period we can all stand to learn more about passive solar design in challenging split-level, meat & potato, neighborhoods while still expecting to achieve a respectable ROI.
Thanks for taking the road less traveled!!