Friday, July 4, 2008

Settling Into Our New Digs

We're back! We are officially moved in and living at the new house now. We were even able to take the day off from tackling boxes and enjoy the annual Flynn Family 4th of July gathering. We were lucky to have great weather for move on Wednesday. It only took the movers 4 hours because we had been able to get a head start on hauling boxes and miscellaneous items over earlier. A couple of weeks ago, I had started taking a van-load (that’s right, we have a minivan) everytime I stopped by the house. This head start on moving really took the pressure off and we were able to have the entire kitchen put away before the official move even started. Regardless of that, we were still overwhelmed with all the stuff!

Before photo of Family Room/ Shared Office
2-days and a million boxes later...

Looking towards the living room on Wed.

By Friday, we're looking a bit less cluttered- but still a ways to go.

A couple of thoughts on moving into a new place:

- I think I will feel like it’s really our own place when we learn to use all the appliances. I’m not one to read manuals before diving in and trying. I figure that it should be intuitive. But I guess I’m used to really old appliances without any bells and whistles, so there were a few glitches in the dinner-making the other night. (BTW- the Bosch dishwasher is so incredibly quiet, I can’t even tell it’s running when I’m right next to it!)

- The way to get an 8-year old boy to take a bath is to have a new air bath. Declan was on his 2nd bath for the day when I made the new rule that he has to ask us before he’s allowed to take a bath.

- We love the way our house is so filled with daylight. So far, we don’t need any lights on until about 8:00 pm.

- We’re really happy with the way that our house and it’s spaces are oriented. The living spaces on the north are able to stay cool during the heat of the day. We are also able to get great cross ventilation through the house.

- We’re discovering that it might be really hard to keep the dark wood floors clean. I’m hoping that part of the problem is that the duct work needs to be cleaned, which we will do shortly.

- Bonus for the large kitchen sink is that it’s the perfect size bath for a 19 month old. I hadn’t thought of this earlier, but we were forced to look for options when I discovered the lower level bath had only hot water (no cold water to temper it).


Jane said...

Beautiful! When do we get a tour?
We've been watching....

Steve and Jane

Anonymous said...

Jane - You are welcome to stop by any time. We are sometimes busy with baseball in the evenings, but you can call to check our whereabouts!


Anonymous said...

Congtrats to the entire clan!!
My mom bathed all the babies in the big kitchen sink!!
So I missed the part about hte AIR Bath for Declan- do you mean jetted tub?!

Kevin & Roxanne said...

Yes, the "air bath" is has air jets.