Thursday, June 5, 2008

Steady Progress

We are about 3 weeks and counting until we move into the new house. Here's a few things that happened this week...

This might just be my favorite room in the house.... Our master bath Richlite countertops were installed, along with the lav and toilet. The base cabinet is a natural finish douglas fir veneer. Left to finish in this room- lav faucet, shower faucet, cabinet pulls and mirrors.

The above picture is the shower at the shared bathroom. The far wall is an orange glass tile wall, but it looks a bit redder than we anticipated.

The recycled glass terrazzo countertop was installed, along with the Nexus vessel sink and faucet set.

Here is a close-up of the glass terrazzo from Natural Built Home. There is a combination of grey, clear, orange and amber recycled glass.

Here's the first of 5 sliding doors to be installed. We used Leatherneck Flat Track hardware.

The master bedroom floors are finished. We used 4x4 sheets of birch plywood, alternating the grain direction. We debated for quite awhile about which way to install this. The sheets can be biscuited together and act as a floating floor or secured down with screws or nails. We opted for nailing it down and filling in the nail holes with putty. The sheets were then finished with a sealer.


mimu said...

I have been following your project and like alot of what you are doing. It always seems to go so much quicker when it is someone elses project.What is the sq ft price of the plywood flooring.(if you don't mind my asking)

Kevin & Roxanne said...

Sorry for the delay in our answer!
The price for the plywood flooring works out to be $9.85 sf INSTALLED and finished.

Material cost alone is $2.75/sf

aron wright said...

I'm planning on using plywood flooring in my 1930 reno and was wondering how the floors were doing after a few years of use?

Kevin & Roxanne said...

Aron- I apologize, as your comment got lost in moderation....
After almost 3 years, the plywood still looks great. It is only in our bedroom though- so it doesn't see a lot of foot traffic and we usually take our shoes off at the door. In the right application, it's a great-looking and cost effective floor solution!